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Multichannel Pattern Analysis - (Download at Github) Software package for multichannel pattern analysis of fNIRS data. Manuscript at BioRxiv or see CNS 2016 poster for a preview.

Connectivity Modeling Tutorial - (Download pdf) Tutorial on performing effective connectivity modeling with the euSEM model and GIMME software. You can also download the full GIMME manual by Kathleen Gates and Peter Molenaar. GIMME package for Matlab available on NITRC.


My research explores a particular kind of organized (or structured) knowledge: the links between lexical (word) representations and semantic (meaning) representations. I'm interested in how these systems differ and interact across different languages, especially for bilinguals who not only learn two languages' worth of information, but also deal with conflicts between the ways these languages organize the world. This work includes bilinguals at all levels of proficiency and people who are just starting to learn a language. I use a combination of behavioral methods, computer simulations, and neuroimaging technology (such as MRI and near-infrared spectroscopy) to probe the highly dynamic and interactive cognitive and neural systems that represent linguistic knowledge in humans who speak one, two, or many languages.

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