Research Groups

Multimodal Neuroimaging Initiative - Inter-department collaboration for supporting portable neuroimaging research at UT Austin
SoundBrain Lab - Former lab at University of Texas at Austin
Rochester Baby Lab - Former lab at University of Rochester
Raizada Lab - Former lab at University of Rochester
RCBI - Rochester Center for Brain Imaging
Brain, Language, and Computation Lab - My grad school lab (Penn State)
The Center for Language Science - interdisciplinary group for Language Science at PSU
Partnership for International Research and Education (PIRE) - an NSF & CLS project in international bilingualism research
SLEIC - Social, Life, and Engineering sciences Imaging Center (Penn State)

Funding & Training

MNTP - Multimodal Neuroimaging Training Program
EAPSI - East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes, summer research abroad program
PSGC - Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium, funds for dissertation research


Penn State Psychology - My PhD program
Masters in Applied Statistics (MAS) - concurrent degree program for PhD students looking to beef up their statistics background

Favorite Conferences / Societies

Society for the Neurobiology of Language (SNL)
Cognitive Science Society
Association for Computational Linguistics


The R Project - an outstanding FOSS statistical package
Mendeley - library system for papers, absolutely essential tool
SOM Toolbox - a handy MATLAB package for quick Self-Organzing Map simulations
Debian GNU/Linux - a swell (and free) operating system
Ubuntu GNU/Linux - another great alternative
Electronic Frontier Foundation - keep the internet free (as in speech)